Dr. Salvatore Taglialatela is an board-certified plastic surgeon (Fellow of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) serving the Naples metropolitan area, in Southern Italy. foto profiloHis unique practice focuses on the most advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgical techniques. Plastic surgery is both an art and a science for Dr. Taglialatela who believes that natural and long-lasting results can only be achieved through surgical expertise and a dedicated life-long passion for the art of plastic surgery.

Dr. Taglialatela completed his Plastic Surgery residency at the A.O.U “Federico II”, and during the residency he was also trained in Spain at the Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda where he achieved the title of Fellow in Reconstructive Microsurgery. He earned his six-year medical degree at the Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”. He specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, being deeply convinced that every cosmetic surgeon should have a solid experience in reconstructive surgery.

Most commonly performed surgeries: (visit Dr. Taglialatela’s webpage ! )

FACE: Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Browlift, Facelift, Fat graft

BREAST: Augmentation, Mastopexy, Reduction, Reconstruction

BODY: Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Buttock augmentation

Ancillary: Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels

RECONSTRUCTIVE: Breast reconstruction, Lower limbs reconstruction, Nasal reconstruction, Facial trauma, Skin cancer


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CALL FOR A CONSULTATION (direct line with the surgeon): +39 338 9278905


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    Sei bravissimo


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Dr. Salvatore Taglialatela Scafati

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